Q. I have a Weak FM signal/none at all in my home, is there anything that can be done to improve my quality of reception?

A. If you are in an area where there is a weak FM signal or none at all, we recommend that you connect an external FM antenna to our KBSOUND kit.

Q. Can down lighters or strong direct sunlight interfere with the correct functioning of the Remote Control?

A.Yes, on some occaisions, this may be an issue, however, this problem exists for ALL manufacturers of Audio/Video/TV equipment using IR Remote Controls. As a result, try to avoid direct sunlight and, if possible, distance the KBSOUND kits from fluorescent lighting.

Q. Are the speakers and Remote Control Waterproof?

A. The speakers and Remote Control are not waterproof but they have been designed to operate in a bathroom environment. We recommend that you do not install the speakers directly above the shower when they would be in constant contact with steam.

Q. Can I add more or larger speakers?

A. In theory it is possible to add more or larger speakers. However you should consider that the product is designed to perform with just two speakers and the output is designed accordingly. Larger speakers may not receive enough power to do them justice and more speakers may drain the power designed to run the two speakers it comes with.

Q. Can I use multiple sets throughout the installation?

A. Yes, the KBSOUND kits can be used in multiple rooms as they work independently.

Q. Do you have color options for the Speakers?

A. Yes, the KBSOUND iSelect 2.5”, Plus and Premium kits are available in white and matt chrome. The iSelect 5”comes in white only.


iSELECT and BLUETOOTH® Accessory

Q. Can I connect the Bluetooth Accessory to the previous Select kit?

A. No, unfortunately you cannot. You will need to upgrade to an iSelect model.                                                                                                        

Q. I already have an iSelect kit - Will the Bluetooth Accessory function with my current iSelect kit?

A. If the Remote Control of your current iSelect kit does not include the    key with the BT symbol then you cannot insert the Bluetooth Accessory. You may substitute your current iSelect kit for a new one and order the Bluetooth Accessory.

Q. Can I connect my Bluetooth device to several iSelect kits at the same time?

A. No, you can only connect with one kit any one point in time.

Q. Can I assign an address to each kit to identify them with the different zones in my installation?

A. Yes, you can. Before linking the KBSOUND kit to your Bluetooth device a numeric address such as KBSound 01, KBSound 02, etc. can be assigned to each KBSOUND kit installed (See User manual page 11 Section 6.1).

Q.  How do I connect my iPhone 5/6 to the KBSOUND Dock?

A. Because of the change made by Apple with respect to its connectors you will need an adaptor for connecting the iPhone 5/6 models to our Dock. Please consult the Apple store.

Q. What does the   symbol mean?

The Remote Control unit exchanges information (transmits and receives data) by means of the IR receiver capsule in the loudspeaker grille. If at any time there is a failure in the communication, the screen will display the    symbol. In the event of this occurring, point the Remote Control at the IR receiver capsule at a distance of no greater than 5 meter and reconnect.

Q. Why does my iSelect automatically switch on at random?

A. Sometimes this can occur if you inadvertently press the  on /off key for more than 2” and thereby activate the Turn-on mode (Auto √). To turn off press the on/off key for 2”and check that “Auto X” appears on the screen of the Remote Control (See User manual page 15 section 7).

Q. How do I link with BT device?

A. Press the BT key and BT will appear in the screen of the Remote Control. Then press the 5 key for 5” until linking commences.  (See User manual page 12 Section 6.2).

Q. How do I store the radio stations in the memory?

A. Simply press the 6 key for 6”. When the automatic storing begins the screen in the Remote Control will display “Auto”. The kit is programed to memorize 30 presets.



Q. What's the difference between the KBSOUND Premium and other KBSOUND kits?

A. The KBSOUND Premium is operated from a control panel that is usually installed in the wall and apart from the FM tuner has the following features: Clock, alarm, date, timer and the Audio input for an external sound device. The other KBSOUND kits are operated by a Remote Control.

Q. Can I use my Mp3/iPod/iPhone/iPad or CD Player with my KBSOUND PREMIUM?

A. Yes, the KBSOUND Premium has an Audio input for external sound devices (use a 3.5mm jack).