New Bluetooth Suite of Products has just arrived

By christine, Wednesday, 7th August 2019 | 0 comments
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We are delighted to add the KBSOUND Star suite of products to our site. This new range is an improved version of KBSOUND products with the added ability of being able to control your music directly from a dedicated App from your phone/device directly to your Living Space Speakers via Bluetooth.

The Integrated KBSOUND Audio System not only delivers exceptional sound quality, but also allows you to enjoy three music channels: Bluetooth Audio streaming, FM tuner and DAB (if applicable) by allowing pairing with any Bluetooth device.


  • Control is managed by the KBSOUND® STAR App, available on Apple App Store (iOS devices) and Google Play (Android devices). Compatible for iOS 10.0, ANDROID 4.4 and subsequent related versions.
  • You can choose between the FM, DAB or Bluetooth Audio Streaming options using the STAR App or the Remote Control.
  • The Bluetooth signal reach is 10/12 meters.
  • Each Master unit has a UNIQUE identifier and password to avoid interference between users nearby.

Watch the clip below to see how easy this product is to install and use:

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